Short Term Therapy

  • Feeling anxious and/or depressed too many days each week?
  • Can’t seem to fill the ’emotional’ hole?
  • Do the same old things keep happening to you?
  • Are your friends, family & boss tired of your complaints?
  • Have you become too cynical and unhappy about your life?
  • Do you need some direction in your life?
  • Are you chasing the dollar and have forgotten how to slow down and appreciate what you do have?

Many people find it difficult to adjust to the stress of everyday living and the stress of constant change. As a therapist, I find many people who want therapy or change in their lives benefit from short term goal oriented therapy.You might be having difficulty focusing on your goals or find once the goal is attained you are unable to get motivated for the next goal or worse find no enjoyment in your success.

Practical insights of life, myself, relationships.
Didi B.

Areas I Can Provide Guidance

Insight into non-productive thinking patterns or behavior patterns.
Accepting and embracing our changing society.
Appreciation (Urban living and busy careers create the desire for more and more that we enjoy less and less.)
Relationships (Singles, couples [traditional and non-traditional], your career, and your friends/family.)
Life planning and issues that interfere with or change plans. (Ex. seeking & wanting love, abandoning love for newer love, job loss, ongoing educational needs, illness, aging parents, step-families, changing careers, etc.)
Life vision and enhancement of the positive aspects of your life.

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Ms. Orito has given me the tools to be able to objectively observe and identify thoughts, actions and behaviors in such a way as to understand how they affect relationships and how to reengineer these thoughts, actions and behaviors to elicit the results I am seeking to achieve. I have referred others to Ms. Orito based on the success I have seen in our sessions together. I would enthusiastically endorse the coaching skill of Ms. Orito.
Jeff H. , NYC